How Not to Get Ripped Off When Buying a Used Mower

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Don’t want to spend the money on a new mower, but afraid of buying a lemon?

Buying used products can be a great way to save money and stay within your budget. But there are plenty of things to consider, especially for a lawn mower before purchasing. Below are our tips of what you should do before purchasing a used mower.

Whats Your Budget?

Start researching for a benchmark price of what you would consider reasonable. Figure out the prices of what new mowers are going for, what features you want on the mower, and figure what your willing to pay.


Ask the Seller Questions

Start by asking the seller when they bought the mower, ask for an exact year. Also ask for the manual and any repair receipts just so you have an overview of what your looking at.

Popular Engine Brands

When buying a used mower go for one that has a reliable, named-brand engine. These can include Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton. If the mower you purchase does need repair at some point you’ll be able to find parts for these engines easily.

Before Starting the Mower

Stand back and look around the mower, see if its been well-maintained. Look at the wheels, are they wobbly, flat, or cracked. Are the handles loose, or are the cables kinked up and bent. These are observations you need to see.

Start it Up!

When starting the mower does it turn on within a few seconds on the first try? Check for smoke and see if the engine idles smoothly, you don’t want to hear any rough sounds or see any backfires. Put it in the lowest and highest gears to see if it stalls out or not.

Take a Test Drive

Just like your car you should test drive the mower. The test drive will demonstrate how well the mower cuts grass, if it starts easily, if the brakes and acceleration are on point, and if it idles smoothly.

Other Features

Check the oil to see if its fresh and clean, see if the air filter is clean and not pulling dirt into the engine. Also look to see if the blades are already sharp and if any wires are detached.

After the Purchase

Once you purchase your used mower it might be a good idea to purchase these backup parts just in case. New air filter, spark plug, sharp blades, and extra oil.

Using our tips will provide you with a great used lawn mower. Don’t be the person who gets his money robbed or falls for a scam!

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  1. Jeffrey Knight
    on September 13, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Before starting a used mower check the oil level. Many mowers being put out on the curb as give aways or sold real cheap due to too much oil. The motor may be hydrolocked with oil in the combustion chamber. This makes it very hard to start or even pull the rope.
    This happens when the owner sees the oil level is low and adds a full quart of oil or.
    I have picked up good mowers free that just needed the oil changed and brought to proper level.

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