Tips for Selling Your Used Lawn Mower

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Done using that mower of yours but also want to make some extra cash?

You may be done using that mower of yours but someone else will see it as an upgrade. Being able to sell a used mower instead of just sending it to the dump is a great way to make some extra cash. Our tips will give you a greater chance of getting the best price for your mower, lets take a look.

Clean It Up

Take as much time as you need to blow off all the debris from your mower. Remove the engine hood and belt covers if so equipped. Using an air compressor or a shop-vac are perfect for doing this.

Scrub It Down

A vacuum can only remove debris, but grease and dirt will still remain. Scrubbing and washing your mower will give it that fresh, new look. Scrubbing Bubbles is a great product to use here along with a power washer.

Make It Look Good

To give your mower that extra touch use some car wax to give it that shiny look. Also sandpaper or a putty knife are great to clean off the rubbed side of the deck. Finally touch it up with paint if needed.

Its the Little Things That Matter

Now your mowers looking sharp, but to get the most out of your mower you should take care of some necessary maintenance. Change the oil and filter, change the air cleaner, spray down the tires, install new blades, and have the manual and repair tickets on hand.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Use a good camera and take some pictures in light that doesn’t cause glare. A cloudy day or the last hour before sunset will work best. Take pictures of all four sides along with pictures inside the hood.

How Much to Charge

You want the starting price low enough to get people interested yet high enough so your able to negotiate. A good baseline would be say if your mower is only about 2 years old, a reasonable starting price would be 20% less than what you paid for it.

Where to Sell:

The best places are obviously Ebay and Amazon for online selling. Also Craigslist can be another option depending on your area. Just be cautious before making a deal, never let the mower leave your property without all the money in your hand.

Patience is a Virtue

Set your patience meter to high, it might take longer than you think to get interest towards your mower. Depending on where you list it and what the market demand is, it’ll take some time before you make a sale.

These tips will provide you with a great foundation when thinking about selling your used mower. Its an excellent way to earn some extra cash, just remember to be smart and stay patient.

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