Terrible Ticks! How to Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Yard

Posted June 21, 2017 by

Ticks! Get Em Off, Get Em Off!

Ticks are terrible this year! Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those pesty ticks that are all around your yard? Our Tick Tip List (say that 5 times fast) will provide you great ideas and methods that you can personally use to rid those annoying ticks.

Mow Your Grass Short:

Having your lawn mowed down to a decent, low height will reduce tick hangouts. Also allows for more sunlight to hit the ground which ticks will avoid.

Avoid Over-Watering:

Ticks will attract towards a more moist environment, watering your yard the proper way along with having an efficient draining system will reduce water build up.

Keeping Your Yard Clean:

Keeping your yard neat and clean allows for less areas where ticks will lay eggs. Removing debris such as piles of lumber, bricks, stones, and gardening pots/items will reduce the interest of ticks populating your yard.

Check Out Your Pets Hang-Out:

Making sure you keep your pets resting areas outside clean and well treated. Tick larvae will remain within 50 feet of your pet’s favorite resting areas, this step is very important for protecting both your pets and your yard.

Dog scratching from fleas and ticks

Limit Wildlife:

Never allow wildlife to set up housekeeping around your decks or sheds of your property. Urban wildlife are highly prone to carry ticks so removing trash, birdseed, and berries on shrubs throughout your yard will reduce the interest of wildlife.

Create A Barrier:

Create a no-migrate zone between your yard and surrounding woods or properties, remove weeds, brush, and leaf litter. Creating that gap will decrease the chances of ticks hanging out in your lawn.

Consider Cedar Mulch:

Cedar mulch repels ticks, laying this around your house and near your pets hang out spots will reduce the chances of their being ticks.

Use Plants To Keep Ticks Away:

Chrysanthemums have a high level of natural pyrethrins that keep ticks away. Other plants include geraniums, lavender, and peppermint.

Let The Sun Shine:

Ticks like moist, shady areas to hang around. Trimming and pruning shrubs to allow for more sunlight to shine through reduces the chance of ticks staying around.

Call The Pros:

Professionals will use sprays that kill ticks on contact. They also will use tick tubes, biodegradable cardboard tubes filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls. Mice will use this to build their nests, when ticks come in contact with mice they’ll be exposed to the permethrin and die.

Applying our tick tip list will reduce and possibly remove ticks from ever coming into your yard. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy your yard for what its for, by relaxing and showing it off to your neighbors.


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