Mowing + Pokemon Go

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Mowing + Pokemon Go… Good or Bad idea?

Pokémon Go: the latest app game craze you play on your phone. Aspiring Pokémon players (“trainers”) are flooding the real world streets, parks, stores, and beaches. At the oddest hours of the night and in the strangest places, you can expect to find people of all ages searching for new Pokémon.

You’ve guessed it, one of these strange places is in the yard, mowing. That’s right, people are catching Pokémon and hatching eggs while they cut the lawn. As much as we here at Jack’s love Pokémon Go and, of course, mowers, we’d like to share a few helpful hints on how to stay safe if you choose to play Pokemon go while mowing your lawn. (Not recommended*)

Tip 1: Be aware of surrounding objects.

As the game states every time you load it, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Operating dangerous equipment is no exception to this and demands even more safety!

Tip 2: Stop mowing before you throw.

Don’t jeopardize your safety and the quality of your lawn to catch a Pokémon! Next time you see a Rattata running around your yard, stop your mower and disengage the blades before you attempt to catch it. Besides, you wouldn’t want to hurt the little guy, would you?

Tip 3: Look out for other players and obstacles.

If you see a Pidgey flying out in the street, it might just have to wait. Make sure you aren’t driving into areas where you are putting yourself and other players in danger.

Tip 4: Pokémon are attracted to better looking lawns.

Pokémon are like jealous neighbors — attracted to a good-looking lawn. Focus on getting the job done safely and effectively before you focus on catching new Pokémon. When you’re all done and your yard is looking beautiful, the Pokémon will flock to you.

Be smart while operating your equipment so that you and others can enjoy playing at the end of the day.

*Disclaimer: Jack’s does not encourage using your phone while mowing or utilizing any other power equipment. Stay safe, trainer!

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