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Posted March 10, 2016 by

Robotic Mowers, what a great idea!

Imagine setting up your mower one time and that’s it. Don’t ever worry about mowing your lawn again. It’s quiet, small, and returns to it’s charging station after mowing. Plus, some models even let you monitor and control the mower via an app on your smart phone.

They are small, quiet, efficient, and now you can get one for yourself.

If you are active on social media (and have a smaller lawn) listen up….this deal is for you!

Husqvarna is running a deal – Husqvarna Automower® First – They are choosing 50 people to test (and possibly keep) their Automowers® in exchange for social media reviews. If you are tech savvy and up with the different forms of social media, you should check it out!

Apply to be an Automower® First!

You can also purchase a Husqvarna Automower®  if you are interested in getting one for yourself but don’t get selected for the Automower® First program.


What do you think of robotic mowers? Would you get one for yourself? Let us know!

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