The Best Time to Buy a Quality Snow Blower

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Thinking of getting a snow blower? Do you plan on waiting until the last minute, or maybe even until right after the season so that you can get one on clearance?

Think again, these are not the best times to get a quality snow blower that will last.

Here’s why!

The Worst Time…

The worst time to buy is when snow is in the forecast or right after it has snowed. Why? Because everyone has the same idea, they are tired of shoveling and want to get a snow blower, if you shop at this time, prices will be high and the selection will be low.

The Best Time…

If you want a quality snow blower and a wide selection, you should start shopping in August. Yes, that’s right, August! You may be thinking I’m crazy to say that, but it’s true.

Manufacturers typically make their new models during spring – early summer. If you shop in August-September (pre-season) you will have pretty much every option of snow blower that the store offers. You are almost guaranteed to get the quality you want. That’s important, right?

There may not be deep closeout sales, but brands often have pre-season rebates, and extended warranty promotions to entice buyers.

Cost vs. Quality

If you are really looking to cut costs, buying a cheap discount snow blower in as winter ends is the way to go. Most stores will have a clearance sale to get rid of the rest of the season’s stock. However, you may be getting the discounted price, but are those “left-overs” the best quality snow blowers?

Don’t sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. Before you go shopping for your new snow blower, sit down and research them. Figure out exactly what features you want, single stage vs two stage, the clearing width, and many other important factors.  Don’t settle for a better price, be sure you are getting the snow blower you want, the extra money will be worth it.


Remember, even if you have to purchase a snow blower that’s on back-order for a couple weeks, at least you’ll have it early enough before the first snowstorm.

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  1. Ed Davis
    on August 3, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    My employer sells Ariens snow blowers. In July 13 they offered employees a significant discount on new snow blowers if ordered “now”. My new Ariens Deluxe 28 arrived in Oct. The past 3 winters it has performed flawlessly, cleaning as many as 3 driveways a storm. It starts first pull every time, I have never had to use the electric start but am glad it is there just in case. The only maintenance it has needed is an oil change and Stable in the gas when I put it into storage. I like the wider 28″ width as I can clean my drive in fewer passes. I also use it to clear a path in my front lawn so my Dachshunds can go outside. I have recommended Ariens to friends.

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  2. Talbert
    on August 4, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Excellent info. Now that’s getting a bang for your buck!! Thanks!!

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