Replace Skid Shoes

How to Replace Snow Blower Skid Shoes

Posted January 8, 2014 by

There’s nothing worse than getting a surprise jolt when you snag a crack in the sidewalk, right?

From gravel to asphalt and concrete, a good pair of skid shoes guides your snow blower over those cracks and bumps.

Skid shoes protect the auger housing, and allow you to adjust the clearance between the scraper blade and the ground. However, skid shoes will wear down after countless times sliding across those rough surfaces.

Tools Needed:
Socket wrench
Block of wood

1.) Place snow blower on a flat surface and remove the ignition key.

2.) Lift the auger housing off the ground and support it with a block of wood (both skid shoes should be off the ground).

3.) Use your socket wrench to remove the nuts and bolts securing the skid shoes to the auger housing.

4.) Install the new skid shoes onto each side of the auger housing. Insert the bolts and slightly tighten the nuts.

*5.) Choose your preferred clearing height, then tighten the nuts on the skid shoe.

*The higher the skid shoe is positioned on the auger housing, the less clearance there is between the scraper blade and ground.

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