The Power Lookout – July 2013

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Are you feeling the heat? Here on the East Coast, we survived our first official heat wave of the summer. Some of us even wouldn’t mind a few days of Christmas in July, weather-wise.

If you’re experiencing hot temperatures too, how are you staying cool? We know the sun can do a lot of damage this time of year.

See what we have featured in this month’s Power Lookout.

Preventing Tire Dry Rot

Did you know the term Dry Rot actually refers to the deterioration and decay of wood?
But don’t be fooled, rubber tires have their own form of deterioration that can plague your riding mower. Tire Dry Rot!

Constant exposure to the sun, rain, and fluctuating temperatures, along with old age, will slowly deteriorate the rubber of your tires. So if your lawn tractor has been riding on the same set of worn down wheels for the past few seasons, it might be a good idea to get new ones before you’re rolling on rims after a blowout.

The War Against Weeds

Are you constantly battling new weeds in your soil that just won’t go away! You pull out the roots one week and new weeds just sprout up the next week. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Your best hope in winning any war is to know your enemies and how to defeat them. Read these weed fighting tips on how to defend your yard and keep your yard healthy throughout the year.

Saw Dogs – Chainsaw Art to the Extreme

Have you seen Saw Dogs? It’s Discovery Channel’s TV series following a group of chainsaw sculptors as they cut out-of-this-world wood carvings carefully with their chainsaw. But watch out, their masterpieces aren’t the only things in danger if there’s any slight slip of the hand.

Check them out in this video below.

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