0 – 60 in 4 Seconds! Honda’s Mean Mower

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With the horsepower of a small compact car (109 hp), Honda U.K.’s Mean Mower is the fastest lawn tractor on earth!

But the estimated 130 mph top speed is not just for show. This mower can still cut! That’s right. It’s equipped with a mower deck capable of cutting grass while cruising up to 15 mph.

Race track lawn striping, anyone?

Underneath the Hood

honda-mean-mower-top-gearImage Credit: Top Gear

Swapping in a 1000cc Honda VTR Firestorm motorcycle engine and an ATV suspension were only a couple intense modifications made to one lucky Honda HF2620 lawn tractor.

Estimated MPG is around 40, when cutting, not drag racing up and down the back lawn.

Custom-Made Cutting Deck

If you’re going to build the world’s fastest lawn mower, why not make it as legit as possible with a fully-functional cutting deck?

The custom-made fiberglass mower deck with two electric motors power steel cables, not blades, to cut the grass. However, mulching is your only option, since the rear bagger is a decoy to contain the fuel tank and radiator.

Ready for a Test Drive

Put yourself behind the wheel of the Honda Mean Mower. Check out it’s promotional video below.

The 15 mph cutting speed capability is still impressive, considering most lawn tractors top out around 5-7 mph. But with no seat belts, you probably wouldn’t want to be cutting grass any faster than that.

So is the Honda Mean Mower going to hold the title of “World’s Fastest Lawn Mower” for long. We’ll have to wait and see if anyone else is up to the challenge of bringing the race track to their own back yard.

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    Where can u buy it? Is it for sale NOW?

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