CORE Gasless Trimmer

The New CORE Gasless Trimmer has Arrived!

Posted June 18, 2013 by

Our newest arrival this month is the CORE Gasless String Trimmer! It’s newly designed battery-powered motor is at the cutting edge of small engine technology.

But taking away gas doesn’t stop the CORE CGT400 from being as powerful as similar 2-cycle trimmers on the market today.

Demands for better efficiency, fuel economy, and lower emissions are constantly seen throughout the power equipment industry. One of the biggest battles is to meet these demands, while still providing substantial power levels to meet the needs of the equipment and user.

This is where the CORE CGT400 Trimmer stands out:

  • Torque levels are equal to most 2-cycle trimmers.
  • No gas means no emmissions.
  • A Run Time of 70 minutes with the lithium ion battery is comparable to a tank of fuel on gas-powered trimmers.
  • At only 11 pounds, it’s easy for every user to operate.

CORE Technology

CORE stands for Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy. The uniquely designed wireless motor consisting of a multi-layered circuit board and permanent magnets allows for high levels of torque, while using much less materials to keep the overall weight down. Learn more about CORE Technology.

Watch the CORE CGT400 in Action!

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