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The Power Lookout

Posted May 13, 2013 by

This week the big news is our new blog, The Blog at Jacks Small Engines. View it on your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. We set it up to be accessible and a great read on all of your devices.

The Power Lookout is our first new column on the Blog at Jacks Small Engines. The Power Lookout features articles from the Jacks family of sites and from around the web focusing on outdoor power equipment and everything related.

Keep coming back to check out this column for interesting reads, cool videos, and lots of great content.

Pressure Washer Season is Here

Time to break out the pressure washer. If it’s not operating the way it should, use this handy pressure washer troubleshooting guide to figure out what might be causing your problems. If your pressure washer is doing just fine, check out this guide to pressure washer maintenance so you don’t need the previous article.

Jeff Foxworthy and Grasshopper Help Out a War Wounded Veteran

On Jeff Foxworthy’s Inside & Out, Grasshopper helps a veteran get his contract mowing business started with a new commercial zero-turn. View the episode here.

Got Weeds?

If you’ve ever wondered about the weeds in your lawn or garden, here’s a great resouce from Penn State University that can help you identify broadleaf weeds. The list has pictures with each entry, so you can compare them to what you’re seeing. Now you’ll be able to call that weed by name when you pull it and exile it from your lawn.

DIY Automower

I think we’re always interested in working smarter instead of harder, so this DIY auto-mower might make you smile.

That’s all for this entry of The Power Lookout. If you come across anything you’d like to share for an upcoming post, let us know in the comments below!

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