How to Make Your Yard Look Professional For Under $100

Posted July 12, 2017 by

Is Your Money Getting Trimmed Just Like Your Lawn?

Lawn care can become expensive very quick, wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend less than $100 and still have your lawn looking nice. These 10 tips can keep your yard in tip-top shape while saving you some cash.

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What Type of Grass Do I Have?

Posted July 12, 2017 by

Wait I thought grass is just grass? There’s a lot more than you might think!

Establishing a healthy lawn takes proper care, but knowing what type of grass you do have can have a profound impact on your approach towards your lawn. Different types of grasses appear all throughout the United States, lets take a look.

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Blast From The Past! Lawn Mowers of Yesteryear

Posted July 12, 2017 by 1 Comment

Party like its 1830? Well that’s true for Edwin Budding who invented the first mowing machine. Were showing the evolution of the lawn mower from its humble beginnings to what we have now.

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Critter Invasion! How to Get Rid of Common Rodents in Your Yard

Posted July 11, 2017 by

Wait a minute, this isn’t a Zoo!

Animals can be a pain in the butt when your trying to keep your lawn neatly kept and your garden looking nice. Our list will not only provide you what animals could be lurking around your yard, but also how to get rid of them if you spot one.

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Terrible Ticks! How to Create a Tick-Free Zone in Your Yard

Posted June 21, 2017 by

Ticks! Get Em Off, Get Em Off!

Ticks are terrible this year! Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those pesty ticks that are all around your yard? Our Tick Tip List (say that 5 times fast) will provide you great ideas and methods that you can personally use to rid those annoying ticks.

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How to Survive an Ice Storm

Posted January 11, 2017 by

With an ice storm quickly approaching, time is of the essence to begin preparing for the possibility of power outages, falling tree limbs, swinging power lines, and dangerous amounts of ice. Like any storm, an ice storm can bring with it varying levels of danger, but it is important to be prepared for anything.

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How Big is Your Leaf Pile? Share Your Pics

Posted September 22, 2016 by

The time for your yard to fill up with leaves has arrived. Do you have a pile that you’re particularly proud of?

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2016 – 2017 Winter Outlook: Get Your Snow Blower Ready

Posted September 21, 2016 by 1 Comment

Get your snow removal equipment ready to go early. Winter officially begins on December 21, but we may be seeing snow as early as mid-November in some parts of the U.S. this year.

Check out what the annual Farmer’s Almanac is saying about the 2016 – 2017 winter season and how you might be affected.

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Can You Identify These Power Equipment Warning Signs?

Posted September 14, 2016 by 22 Comments

Many of these important warning and danger signs commonly found in the owners’ manuals of power equipment may seem funny, but the threat of injury while servicing your equipment can be very real. Do you know what these common hazard signs mean?

Let’s start with dismemberment, shall we?

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How Well Do You Know These Power Equipment Abbreviations/Acronyms?

Posted July 29, 2016 by 3 Comments

Do you think you’re a power equipment prodigy and know every acronym in the book? Put your knowledge to the test with the quiz below!

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