The Beginners Guide to a Perfect Lawn

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When you think of the perfect yard, you probably get the image of a perfectly level, striped lawn in your mind.

But how do you get your yard to look so great?

Here are some pointers to help you achieve that perfect lawn that you have always imagined!

The Basics…

Don’t mow your lawn too short! This is called scalping. Scalping can expose the soil and give room for weeds to grow. It can also create bare patches and weaken the remaining grass.

If you want to keep your lawn looking great, you should not cut more than 1/3 of the blade off at a time. If you cut the blade too low you are injuring the crown, this is the part of the blade where the growth occurs, if you cut this too low, or with dull blades, you may cause the edges of the grass to become brown and this is where nutrients are stored, if the crown is injured or stress, the entire blade may become unhealthy.

Next, be sure that you keep your mower blades sharp! If you mow with dull blades you may tear the grass. If your grass blades end up with jagged and torn edges they can turn brown and are left vulnerable to pests and diseases.

When to Mow…

Only mow when your grass is dry. Wet grass can clump up under your mower and clog your blades, causing you to have to stop and clean it out. This will end up leaving clumps of grass all over your yard. Clumps can suffocate your living grass, which will create bare patches!  Also, if the blades of grass are wet they may end up leaning over and you will not get a very even cut.

What Blades Should You Use?

Use mulching blades! Mulching your grass is good for it! The grass clippings will add nutrients back into the grass. It will also help with moisture retention and can help prevent weeds from growing. If your clippings happen to clump up, just rake them off of your lawn, you can then dispose of them by composting them.

Safety First!

Be sure that you know your mower! Make sure that before you start mowing you are 100% comfortable with how to operate your mower. If you have any doubts about how to use your mower you should review the operating manual before you begin. Also be sure to review the safety precautions and check the area before you mow.  You should walk around your yard and clear any debris so that you don’t have to stop the mower to move sticks or rocks while you are trying to mow. Also be sure to keep young children and pets indoors while you mow so that there is no risk of an accident. Finally, remember never to carry a passenger if you are on a riding mower. This is a very big risk that is commonly overlooked.

As another safety measure, be sure you never speed, not only for your safety, but for the safety of your yard! Speeding may result in uneven grass blades, clumps, and uneven rows! Slow down and avoid the mistakes that will lessen the visual appeal of your lawn.

Follows these tips and you’ll be mowing like a pro in no time!

Helpful hints:

  • If you look ahead roughly 10ft ahead of your mower, you will mow straighter than if you look directly at the mowers wheels
  • Each time you mow, alternate the direction in which you mow, this will help reduce soil compaction
  • Choose the right mower for your lawn. Mowing will be much easier if you have an appropriate sized mower for your yard! Find out what mower is best for you Here!
  • If you want to stripe your lawn, or mow other designs into it, find out how to get started here!

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